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Hydraulic Gantry Lift Systems

Here at JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd, we are specialists in moving and handling using heavy lifting equipment. With our highly trained and experienced staff, we are able to provide our customers with hydraulic gantry lift systems for the simplest to the most complicated gantry lifting operations.

Our hydraulic gantry lift systems provide the perfect lifting solution for operations in confined areas, holding an advantage against a crane of similar capacity due to their compactness and operational costs. These systems are powered by either electric or lead petrol engines for clean and self-contained operation.

Our hydraulic gantry lift systems have a wide variety of uses, from a simple lift in a low headroom building to the lifting and carrying of large loads. We can combine heavy turntables, skid systems and side shift capabilities for advanced and precise handling. Our hydraulic lift systems can be easily transported and rigged and can be containerised and shipped anywhere in the world.

We understand that safety in lifting operations comes foremost. For that reason, we can provide method statements and risk assessments for any project, including lifting plans with 3D modelling. Weight, pressure, and height can also be monitored for each tower of our hydraulic gantry lift systems with safety alarm systems in place if necessary.
The lift cylinders are two stage telescopic and double acting and are encased by the square telescopic boom which is raised as the cylinder rise. The heavy steel walls and boom overlap ensure that the lift cylinders are not imposed to any side loading forces and are protected at all times.

The lift beam is a structural fabricated box section which is placed on the header plates where to lift links are used to provide points of attachment between the header beams and the rigging attached to the load (wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chains, links, shackles, etc.).

The four towers are located on a tracks that are an assembly consisting of two parallel beams tied together at regular intervals. The beams are wide flange shapes fitted with one structural element that guide the jacking unit’s wheels.

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A hydraulic gantry lift system is used to move and install heavy loads – be it machines or equipment – in locations where cranes won’t fit. Mobile and easily transportable, the hydraulic gantry lift system is ideal for moving and placing awkward loads – without compromising safety or quality.

Hydraulic gantries provide a convenient alternative for lifting, hoisting and manoeuvring heavy loads. We provide state of the art hydraulic gantry equipment, powered by electric or lead petrol engines. All our hydraulic gantry equipment is supplied fully certified in accordance with lifting regulations.

Designed and manufactured for press installation and areas where a high capacity, low headroom alternative to cranes is required, the hydraulic gantry systems are a useful tool for many different industries and lifting and moving tasks.

Our hydraulic gantry systems provide many more benefits than traditional methods – increasing functionality, load protection and versatility.

Hydraulic gantries are a safe and efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where a conventional crane cannot fit.

The way they work is straightforward. Hydraulic gantry systems have two or more hydraulic legs (also known as towers). These, along with an overhead beam or girder, support the bridge, trolley and hoist. They travel along the ground on wheels or ride along rails within the ground.

To find out more about the hydraulic gantry lifting equipment we provide and how it works, give us a call on 01695 737 880.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a more convenient and effective method of lifting, hoisting and manoeuvring heavy loads than with hydraulic gantry equipment.

Hydraulic gantry systems are extremely versatile. They can be adapted to suit your needs – be it a factory relocation or machinery handling – and used for a wide range of lifting tasks.

Another great thing about hydraulic gantry lifting equipment is that it is mobile and compact, so can be set up in almost any location where goods need lifting or moving – including confined or lower overhead areas.

When you hire hydraulic gantry systems from JB Rawcliffe, you can trust that your goods are in the safest hands and you’ll receive a cost-effective solution that’s tailored to your exact needs.

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