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Accident Salvage & Recovery

It’s important to remember that when it comes to transporting loads, sometimes even the best laid plans can go wrong. That’s why it’s vital to choose a transport company that will have your back.

Here at JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd, we offer all our customers a salvage and roadside recovery service. For over 30 years we have been involved in recovering many ‘lost’ loads, whether from roadside accidents or from customer property incidents such as theft.

With our years of invaluable experience in handling abnormal loads and our access to virtually unlimited lifting and transport capabilities, we can engineer solutions for recovering any load using a wide range of specialist equipment.

When recovering a vehicle or truck, we understand the need to minimize damage to the vehicle as well as the need to offer a discreet service. For that reason, we are happy to provide our customers with alternate transport options as well as secure storage for any equipment that we recover until they are able to retrieve it.

We are confident that our salvage and recovery service will be able to help you even in the worst of bad situations. If you would like to discuss your individual requirements with us please don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop us an email via our contact page.

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When it comes to vehicle accident salvage and recovery, JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd has more than 50 years’ experience to share, so rest assured, you’re in capable hands. We can handle abnormal loads, offer unlimited lifting and transport capabilities, and engineer solutions for recovering loads using our specialist equipment.

Sometimes, things go wrong and vehicle accident salvage and recovery can come in extremely useful. Offering vehicle accident salvage and recovery, we always have your back and ensure ‘lost loads’ are recovered safely. Here at JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd, we can offer a tailored solution to suit your situation, so be sure to contact us to find out more.

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