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Machinery Handling

Here at JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd, we are experienced machine movers specialising in handling, installing and removing industrial equipment. Our comprehensive array of fully tested and certified machine handling equipment can be adapted to the most challenging project, such as turntables, machine skates, air skates, and our in-house designed and manufactured hydraulic skid system.

Our major contract customers include the regional electricity companies, the National Grid and the North Cheshire complex in Northside. Our other major North West clients include British Aerospace, Alstom, the AMEC Group, and most Liverpool shipping lines, meaning that you are getting a highly trusted service. We work closely with power stations during shutdowns and outages to provide efficient cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions to any projects presented.

We are able to provide our own forklift trucks with an operator as part of our machine handling service. If you do not have the equipment to handle the loads on your premises, we can provide you with the appropriate forklift truck and attachments to offload on site.
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Machinery handling is great for controlling and protecting goods and materials whilst in transit or storage. We supply the correct tools and equipment to effectively move different types of heavy machinery and equipment safely.

Here at JB Rawcliffe, we have a complete range of tested and certified machinery – perfect for machinery removals and installations – including:

  • turntables
  • machine skates
  • air skates
  • hydraulic skid system

The equipment we use can be adapted to suit even the most challenging projects.

Machinery handling equipment comes in handy when you need to move heavy machinery from one place to the next. If you’re looking to remove an old machine, ready for a new one, our machine handling services are guaranteed to save you time and effort, and also reduce the risk of injury.

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