Heavy Haulage Birmingham

Heavy Haulage in Birmingham

Do you need to send consignments to various European destinations? Perhaps you need to transport large, cumbersome loads to UK destinations from your Birmingham base. Whatever it may be, JB Rawcliffe & Sons can help.  We will ensure your consignment reaches its final destination safely and without delay.

Despite being based in Skelmersdale, we specialise in heavy haulage in Birmingham.  In fact, we have worked with Birmingham-based clients for the past 45 years. We are extremely experienced in relocating plant machinery and transporting high or wide loads. So, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in capable hands with the JB Rawcliffe team.

Best heavy haulage vehicles in Birmingham

We employ the best equipment and shipping methods for haulage in Birmingham.  Because of this, we have much speedier delivery schedules than many other transport companies.  Additionally, we offer 28 lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) for transporting large and heavy cargoes.  On top of this, we have an extensive range of low loaders which can be used on the motorway – saving customers time and money.

Here at JB Rawcliffe, we continue to invest in our fleet, keeping pace with other haulage companies in Birmingham.  So, no matter what shape or size your load is, you needn’t look any further.

Why JB Rawcliffe?

No two projects are ever the same and transporting oversized loads will require a unique solution, but luckily transport companies in Birmingham are here to lend a helping hand.

At JB Rawcliffe, we take care of all the arduous work for you – leaving you to sit back and relax knowing that your cargo is in safe hands. Regardless of whether you need to transport industrial machines, such as power generators and compressors, or fragile freights, our experienced team will arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements in more detail – offering a tailored solution for heavy haulage in Birmingham.

We will carefully plan and execute the logistics, assessing potential challenges en-route, whether it be bridges, flyovers or cables, or roadblocks and obstructions. Some abnormal loads require a vehicle escort by law. If your haulage falls into this bracket, rest assured, we can provide an escort to ensure the safe transit of goods.

Contact JB Rawcliffe

If you would like some more information about haulage in Birmingham and how we can help, feel free to get in touch. We are always on hand to share our expertise and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Call us on 01695 737 880 or send an email to enquiries@jbrawcliffe.com.

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If you need help transporting large, cumbersome loads from your base in Birmingham to UK destinations, yes – heavy haulage in Birmingham is perfect for you.

Many companies rely on heavy haulage to send large, oversized products from Birmingham to various destinations across Europe – ensuring consignments reach their end destination smoothly. Others trust in the expertise of a leading UK Transport company, like JB Rawcliffe and Sons, for machinery removal or relocation.

The good news is that despite being based in Skelmersdale, we provide heavy haulage in Birmingham to suit all industrial requirements and have worked with Birmingham-based clients for the past 45 years. Over this time, we have become extremely familiar with the surroundings and are therefore able to navigate even the most challenging of routes for haulage. We have a fantastic fleet at our disposal and consider no task too big or small. We make sure that all goods are handled in the safest way possible and arrive on time.

If you have any questions about haulage in Birmingham or wish to discuss your requirements in more detail, feel free to get in touch on 01695 737 880.

It’s difficult to put a price on haulage in Birmingham, as it usually depends on the goods you need moving, how you want them moving and where they are going. But one thing is for sure, JB Rawcliffe guarantee a highly efficient service, along with competitive pricing – providing you with maximum value for money.

Something that sets us apart from other Birmingham transport companies is that we are continually investing in our fleet to ensure we offer the best for our customers and all manner of moves. So, whether you’re sending goods/machinery from your Birmingham base to the other side of the city, or further afield, you can relax knowing that you’re in capable hands with JB Rawcliffe. We make sure that all consignments are handled and delivered both quickly and safely.

Typically, the further the distance, the more you will pay. However, if you’d like to know exactly how much heavy haulage in Birmingham will cost you, don’t hesitate to request a free, no-obligation quote today. Simply email your requirements to enquiries@jbrawcliffe.com, and we’ll provide a fantastic price – tailored towards your needs.

If you need heavy haulage in Birmingham, you may not be sure which type of vehicles you require. JB Rawcliffe have an extensive fleet of vehicles available for heavy haulage in Birmingham, and our fleet can be configured in various ways to best suit your needs. We can advise you on the best vehicles for all your heavy haulage requirements. Our fleet includes:

  • Prime movers
  • Platform trailers
  • Bogies
  • Modular equipment
  • SPMT
  • Semi low loaders
  • Low loaders

Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

Yes, JB Rawcliffe specialise in transporting abnormal and cumbersome loads in Birmingham. Our extensive fleet, knowledge, and manpower means that we can get the job done safely and efficiently. We will get your abnormal load to its destination on time, with route planning and vehicle escorts included where necessary.

For a free quote to transport abnormal loads in Birmingham, contact us today.

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