Site Facilities

Our Site Facilities

Site Facilities

Located on the 12-acre site close to the M58 motorway, the company has brand new extensively purpose built modern workshop facilities with heavy engineering, fabrication, maintenance, and trailer refurbishment.

Our workshops are equipped with all the latest tools to inspect and service commercial vehicles including all forms of trailers including specialist and bespoke trailers. With a full staff of well trained, educated and experienced staff all forms of jobs can be assessed and undertaken. Facilities include: 20m fabricated pits with fitted pit jacks, the latest brake testers which conform to test inspectorate standards, vehicle emission extractors and overhead crane to name a few. As well as the on-site facilities we are also able to provide break down assistance which includes vehicles that are unable to be recovered due to the loads that are transported.

Within the onsite fabrication department, we are able to offer specialist design and alterations. This can be basic vehicle chassis modification work to chassis rebuilds with major alteration and additional equipment fitting. Trailer alterations can also be undertaken, repair of damaged trailers, specific customer alterations, and the redesign to facilitate a trailer to a specific project. Within this department, we are also able to provide the design and manufacture of equipment to carry/support the load in question, for example, a tilt frame to reduce the width of a load for transport.

Vehicle chassis modification can also be undertaken were we are able to offer the design, manufacture, and fitting of additional equipment, for example: aluminium fuel / hydraulic tanks, sub frames & 5th wheels.

Additional axle installations are an effective means of increasing the carrying capacity of a vehicle where we specialise in fitting these axles into the tightest positions to keep the overall wheelbase short and therefore keeping vehicle manoeuvrability to an optimum.

Chassis alterations can be carried out to provide greater body lengths for many reasons such as converting a vehicle from artic to rigid drawbar chassis.

Engineering The Right Trailer

As part of the companies’ dedication to the transport industry we have now moved forward into the ‘in house’ design and manufacture of our own trailers. In the design of the trailers we are able to implement features that we believe are important in the transport of not only general cargo but also the specialist cargo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At JB Rawcliffe, we are delighted to have purpose-built modern workshop facilities that allow us to offer a plethora of services for industrial clients across the UK.

Equipped with the latest tools, our workshops enable us to carry out routine maintenance on specialist equipment and trailer refurbishments – accommodating the diverse needs of our customers.

Whilst our on-site facilities allow us to inspect and service commercial vehicles, we also provide breakdown assistance for unrecoverable vehicles.

For more information about our site facilities here at JB Rawcliffe, feel free to contact us.

We’re situated on Blaguegate Works on Stanley Industrial Estate in Skelmersdale.

The business park is 6 miles to the west of Wigan and 13 miles to the northeast of Liverpool and comprises a mix of purpose-built industrial and office units that come with dedicated car parking.

JB Rawcliffe is perfectly placed to meet your transport needs – no matter where you’re based in the UK.

So, why not get in touch to find out more about the services and facilities we offer?


Our site facilities are within close proximity to the M58 motorway, which passes through Merseyside and Lancashire before reaching Greater Manchester.

Although it’s only 12 miles long, it links the M6 – the longest motorway in the UK, spanning from the Midlands to the border with Scotland.

That means, if you need to access our facilities in Skelmersdale – either for vehicle inspections, alterations, additional equipment or something else – you should have no issue finding us.


Here at JB Rawcliffe, we take pride in our modern site facilities and are confident that we can offer a solution to suit your transport needs.

At our site, we often inspect and service specialist equipment and trailers. This not only ensures they are roadworthy and up to the job, but it also gives you the peace of mind that any equipment you hire from us is safe to use – which is especially ideal if you need to transport large or abnormal loads!

In addition to this, we provide chassis modification work and alterations for commercial vehicles and can design and manufacture equipment to accommodate specialist cargo.

To find out more about our site facilities and what we can do to help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01695 737 880.

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