Why Are HIAB Cranes Used?

Why Are HIAB Cranes Used?

Need to lift heavy objects or large pieces of apparatus? Looking for a quick and efficient haulage solution?

When it comes to transporting items around a building site, propping up taller structures and moving materials long distances, you can’t go wrong with a HIAB crane.

Here we take a look at what HIAB cranes are, what they’re used for and the advantages of using these machines.


What is a HIAB crane?

HIABs, also known as lorry mounted cranes or lorry loaders in the haulage industry, are large trucks that are specifically designed to lift and transport goods.

‘HIAB’ is short for Hydrauliska Industri AB, a Swedish company that started manufacturing hydraulic cranes back in the mid-1940s. Today, the company still owns a wide range of loader cranes that are commonly used on construction sites and for various other projects.

A HIAB is made up of a truck and hydraulic crane combined, making the process of loading and unloading cargo more efficient than ever before. The truck’s engine powers the hydraulics of the crane, ensuring that materials are transferred smoothly without the need for additional equipment. And thanks to the lorry loader’s extendable arm, it can reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.


When are HIABs used?

Lorry mounted cranes are powerful yet versatile machines that can handle different sized loads. Anything from cargo shipping containers to cumbersome materials for projects (e.g. stacks of bricks, bags of sand and timber frames).

HIAB cranes are also useful for lifting and transporting freight, including abnormal loads such as heavy machinery, portacabins, boats, trains, aircraft, etc.

Thanks to their excellent adaptability, lorry loaders can benefit many different industries, including (but not limited to) construction, agriculture, infrastructure, energy and landscaping.


Benefits of hiring a HIAB crane


  • Ease of use

Whether you need to transport freight or load and unload cargo at ports, factories or warehouses, HIAB cranes are guaranteed to simplify the process for you.

They come with all the necessary equipment to lift and move goods – regardless of their size, shape and weight. Unlike conventional cranes, they can be easily moved and allow you to transport and deliver cargo quickly and safely without the need for a mobile crane, which also helps to save you money.


  • Manoeuvrability

A lorry mounted crane is extremely manoeuvrable. It can transfer large, bulky objects in small or tight spaces on your site, including those harder to reach areas.

HIABs are also more compact than other machines, which makes them perfect for urbanised locations (i.e. city centres with high-rise buildings, narrow streets and parking restrictions). Most can rotate 180°, but some are able to rotate fully, allowing you to load and unload both sides of the vehicle.


  • Versatility

What makes HIAB cranes stand out in the haulage industry is how versatile and hard-working they are.

These powerful machines can be used as a crane to move things from A to B and support larger structures, as well as transport items from one site to another and load and unload cargo. They’re multi-purpose.


  • Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a lorry loader is that it’s more cost-effective than buying one outright and having to find somewhere to store it.

When compared to other types of cranes, the HIAB can save time and money, as the site doesn’t need to be prepared before its arrival. Plus, you needn’t coordinate with a crane firm, allowing for quick turnaround times and smoother deliveries.


Why use JB Rawcliffe’s HIAB crane hire service?

Here at JB Rawcliffe, we have more than 45 years’ experience when it comes to HIAB crane hire and operate an extensive fleet throughout the UK.

Confident that we can offer a suitable solution for your project, our team will draw on their knowledge and expertise to determine the best lorry mounted crane. We can also provide Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) certified staff along with the machinery if required.

At JB Rawcliffe, we follow stringent safety measures and ensure that our systems are regularly inspected and serviced in-between rentals, giving you peace of mind that they are safe and reliable to use.


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