The Benefits Of Using HIAB Crane Hire

The Benefits Of Using HIAB Crane Hire

When it comes to haulage, HIAB cranes lead the way in terms of convenience and versatility. These powerful machines are fantastic and offer much more than other cranes on the market.

In this blog, we’ll explore what makes a HIAB crane so special, and why you should consider hiring one for your project.


What is a HIAB crane?

When talking about HIAB cranes, we are referring to lorry-mounted cranes. HIAB, short for Hydraliska Industri AB, is a Swedish brand name that has become synonymous with lorry-mounted cranes over time.

As the name suggests, it’s a crane fitted on a truck that has transformed haulage operations across multiple industries: such as construction and shipping. Workers can reap the benefits of a two-in-one lorry and crane as it lifts, transports goods, and hauls heavy loads across site.

There are two types of HIAB cranes available, the rigid HIAB and the articulated HIAB.


What’s the difference between a rigid HIAB and an articulated HIAB?

Within the haulage industry, there are two HIAB models available: the rigid HIAB and the artic HIAB. Both use their lorry’s engine to power the crane hydraulics, but there are subtle differences between the two.

A rigid HIAB is an all-in-one structure with the crane fixed at the rear or front of the vehicle.

They’re nimble and can fit into tight spaces as any trailer attached is removable. A rigid HIAB is best for operations in a smaller, condensed yard.

An articulated HIAB has the crane mounted behind the lorry cab and can capably perform a tandem lift. This is where two artic HIABs work together to lift even heavier loads.

Articulated HIABs are best for those projects that require extra heavy lifting and loading.

Both cranes boast a long reach to lift around obstructions, have precision controls for more accurate lifting and have more payload room for loading.

At JB Rawcliffe, we operate a fleet of HIAB cranes, meaning we’ll have one perfectly suited to your project.


What is a HIAB crane used for?

HIAB cranes are highly versatile due to their all-in-one loading and lifting capacities, making these cranes a popular choice across multiple industries.

Haulage and logistics 

HIAB cranes are ideal for lifting and transporting loads across the UK. Heavy, wide appliances that can’t be lifted by a forklift can be transported using a HIAB. They include hot tubs, boats, and heavy machinery such as excavators.


HIAB cranes are frequent at construction sites as they can lift, and transport heavy loads needed for building projects.

Examples of materials/structures that HIAB can lift, and carry include porta cabins, building materials such as bricks and timber, generators, railway tracks, heavy piping, and metal structures.

Container yards and ports

You’re likely to come across a HIAB at a container yard. This is because they can lift heavy shipping containers, load heavy objects into containers, place them around site, and transport them across the country.

Skips and recycling facilities

It’s not just glass and plastic that gets disposed at skip yards and recycling plants. Big bulky appliances such as fridges and washing machines can be left too. HIAB cranes are used to haul these objects as well as lift skips and containers.


The benefits of HIAB crane hire

The unique selling point, (USP) of a HIAB is that you get two features all in one; it can lift AND transport goods.

So, what are the other benefits of HIAB crane hire?

Fewer vehicles needed on site

The two-in-one package HIAB cranes offer means that there’s no need for extra vehicles on site.

This crane takes care of site logistics, meaning that stand-alone trucks are not needed, freeing up space in the building yard.

No need for a stand-alone crane 

With a HIAB doing all the lifting, a stand-alone tower crane isn’t always necessary on-site. This saves money as only one machine is required, saving space around site too.

Compact in nature

Unlike large, traditional cranes, HIAB cranes are compact and can squeeze into smaller congested areas on site for a more accurate lift.

This attribute makes them perfect for urban construction in cities that are tight for space.

Precision lifting

HIAB cranes boast a long reach, enabling the crane to lift and load from the most suitable distance. In addition, thanks to a 180° rotation, lifting is even more precise.

Perfect for tight deadlines

As HIAB cranes usually don’t require dedicated road closures for loading and transporting, they are excellent for short-notice projects and narrow deadlines.


Consider a HIAB crane for your upcoming projects

HIAB crane hire can help your project run more efficiently by combining hauling and transportation capabilities. Not only will this free up more space on your site, but it helps to make site operations more convenient.

Make your life easier by opting for HIAB crane hire with JB Rawcliffe. It’s a brilliant way to reduce your overall costs and ensure that your deliveries and lifts run smoothly.

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