Is A Machinery Handling Service Right For You?

Is A Machinery Handling Service Right For You?

Reconfiguring space at your worksite? Upgrading old industrial equipment for innovative machinery? Perhaps you’re relocating to new premises?

You’re probably wondering whether it’s really necessary to use a professional machinery handling service while you could shuffle equipment around yourself or ask a couple of colleagues to help.

Are we right?

Here we outline the reasons why many people choose not to employ the expertise of machinery handling specialists and the potential risks involved with handling machines singlehandedly.


Why do people opt to handle machinery themselves?

Businesses choose to keep handling operations in-house for several reasons – the most common being to:


·         Make use of employees

Have you got a large workforce? Are some members of staff standing around doing nothing? Machinery handling could be the perfect job for them – ensuring maximum productivity and putting their muscles to good use.

Ideally, you’ll need someone on each side and the appropriate lifting equipment. However, the more people you ask to assist, the better.

Of course, you’ll need to provide them with clear instructions so they know exactly what they’re doing.


·         Cut down on costs

As the rate of inflation continues to grow, many companies are having to tighten their purse strings – and that means reducing the number of services they outsource.

Instead of hiring an external team to handle machinery, they’re utilising their own workforce, which allows them to save money and invest it elsewhere.

Providing you’ve got enough staff to lend a hand, and they’re all trained on how to handle different types of equipment safely and efficiently, this can be a real boon.


·         Speed things up

If your business is working to a tight deadline, it’s much quicker to handle the equipment in-house, rather than contacting machinery handling specialists and finding a date and time that suits you both.

For example, specialists might not have any availability until the following week, whilst your new machinery is being delivered in the next few days and you need to make space for it now.


Why you should seek professional assistance

Whilst it’s perfectly possible to handle equipment in-house, using trained personnel, some prefer to pass the responsibility of machinery handling to the professionals.

Having one less thing to worry about is one of the reasons why a machinery handling service is so appealing. But that’s not the only reason…


·         Safety

Without the necessary expertise and equipment, lifting, moving and installing machinery can be extremely dangerous. For example, sharp edges could puncture the skin, people may become crushed between moving parts or you might end up pulling a muscle and seriously injuring yourself.

With that said, asking an expert to handle machinery on your behalf is the safest option and will help to mitigate the risks – both for your workforce and your equipment.


·         Peace of mind

All businesses want to trust that machinery is installed correctly before they use it.

Although you could take machinery handling into your own hands, in a bid to save time and money, it’s crucial that you never skimp on safety when it comes to connecting and mounting new systems.

The team at JB Rawcliffe have the tools required for different types of heavy machinery and we follow all the stringent guidelines to ensure your goods are in the safest of hands. We’ll also make sure they’re safe and ready to use.


·         Efficiency

Not got the tools to handle machinery? Not got the space to store them? That’s where our machinery handling service comes in.

Instead of having to fork out on special tools and find somewhere to house them, you can contact our specialists as and when you need us. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your needs and assist with your projects as soon as we can. What’s more, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, ensuring you receive maximum value for your money.


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