Hydraulic Gantry Lift Systems

 Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System & Heavy Lifting Equipment

Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System handling 42m Column 94,000kg

JB Rawcliffe & Sons are specialists in the moving and handling of heavy lifting equipment. We are able to offer hydraulic gantry lift systems from the simplest to the most complicated gantry lifting operations with its highly trained & experienced staff.

86,000kg Mega Lift Transformer Installation

The Mega Lift Hydraulic Gantry Systems are lifting solution for lifting operations in confined areas however the system also has the advantage against a crane of similar capacity due to its compactness and operational costs. Lifting plans with 3D modelling can be produced as part of the method statements and risk assessments for the project.  

Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System handling 75,000kg Top Cover

The hydraulic lift systems can be utilised from a ‘simple’ lift in a low headroom building to lifting and carrying of large loads using a variety of track options. JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd can combine heavy turntables, skid systems and side shift capabilities for advanced & precise handling during innovative lifting operations with the integration of our machinery handling department. The hydraulic lift systems are easily transported & quickly rigged and can be containerised and shipped anywhere in the world.

Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System handling 85,000kg Press

The hydraulic lift systems is powered by either electric or LPG engines for a clean & quite self contained operation. Safety in lifting operations is foremost and therefore weight, pressure and height can be monitored for each tower on the control panel by the operator with safety alarm systems in place.

Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System handling 360,000kg Stator

There are four towers, supported on wheels, that run on track sections and are self propelled. On our 500Ton system each tower has one vertical lift cylinder encased in a vertical lift boom. The cylinders and booms of the jacking towers are extended or retracted to lift or lower the load. The jacking towers can travel longitudinally to transport loads horizontally once the load is lifted.

Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System handling 224,000kg Gas Turbine Generator

The lift cylinders are two stage telescopic and double acting and are encased by the square telescopic boom which is raised as the cylinder rise. The heavy steel walls and boom overlap ensure that the lift cylinders are not imposed to any side loading forces and are protected at all times. 

The lift beam is a structural fabricated box section which is placed on the header plates where to lift links are used to provide points of attachment between the header beams and the rigging attached to the load (wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chains, links, shackles etc.).

The four towers are located on a tracks that are an assembly consisting of two parallel beams tied together at regular intervals. The beams are wide flange shapes fitted with one structural element that guide the jacking unit’s wheels.


3D model of Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System for the lifting of a 101,000kg casing

CAD planning and 3D modelling for the lifting of a 101,000kg shell.

Rotation of a 9.5m long 101,000kg shell using Hydraulic Gantry Mega Lift System.

Photograph showing the successful rotation of the 101,000kg shell.

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